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  • Immigration: Oops

    More than 3,000 American citizens have been detained by law-enforcement authorities thanks to the federal Secure Communities program.

  • Loyalty Oaths: Preposterous

    Republicans intend to deny freedom of conscience to party members. Loyalty oaths for the primary bind signees to support the GOP presidential ticket.

  • Pro football: Skinned

    The Washington Redskins saved their worst for last. The team opened the season with a record of 3-1 and stoked dreams of the playoffs. Washington finished the year at 5-11, the worst mark in Mike Shanahan's coaching career.

  • Year to Come: Knowledge

    Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns.

  • Conversationss in Print: Year's letters

    In 2011 The Times-Dispatch published more than 1,900 letters. That is slightly more than the year before.

  • Our creed

    From time to time, the prudent newspaper should stipulate the principles on which its editorials are based.

  • Still waiting

    George Smiley, the Chelsea pensioner, God help us! Fought every war since Thermopylae, hot, cold and deep-frozen! Give it up. Be like the old fool here. Grab yourself a bit of love and wait for Armageddon" – Connie Sachs in John le Carre's "Smiley's People"

  • First Caucuses: Iowa stubborn

    The Iowa caucuses approach. Although the event has a dismal record for predicting the winners of national presidential elections, most candidates believe they have no option but to give the state a try. They happily follow Professor Harold Hill as 76 trombones lead their big parades.

  • At RIC: Flying time

    Turbulent economics have buffeted the airlines. Richmond could feel the consequences.

  • The Prime Minister Speaks: Church of England

    This year marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

  • Ancient Christians: Under siege

    When asked by American pilgrims how long his family had been Christian, an Arab is said to have answered, "Since the book of Acts."

  • Local Blessings: Difference

    The news pages of The Times-Dispatch are closing the year with a series regarding local exemplars.

  • 2012 GOP Primary: Joker's wild

    In 2008, both parties staged vivid presidential primaries in Virginia.

  • Amazon et al.: Sales-tax shuffle

    The announcement that Amazon will be setting up two big distribution centers in Virginia — one in Chesterfield, the other in Dinwiddie — was welcome news indeed. The timing was also propitious: Not only did it make a nice Christmas present for the localities, it raised a timely reminder about unsettled business: What about sales taxes?

  • General Assembly: A blueprint for fixing Virginia

    Editor's note: The following is one in a series of commissioned guest columns about the legislative session that starts Jan. 11.

  • Opinion Roundup: You can say that again

    Cogent commentary from around the country and the world.

  • Transportation: Stranded

    "Hurricane Irene Power Outages: Electricity Blackouts Affect 4 Million Homes and Businesses," ran a typical headline back in August. "Irene's Greatest Aggravation: Power Outages," read another.

  • United Church of Christ: Plymouth Rock

    For many years, Barack Obama attended Trinity United Church of Christ. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright led the Chicago congregation. In 2008, Wright's controversial statements created political problems for Obama, who withdrew his membership from the parish. Wright is not alone in blaming misfortunes on American sins. Evangelical voices on the religious right have done the same thing.

  • Correspondent of the Day

    Racist portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt was inaccurate

  • Czech Hero: Remembering Havel

    Each year at Christmas, my wife and I reserve special pride of place for the "official" Charter 77 ornament that Olga Havlova, Vaclav Havel's wife and fellow dissident (who died of cancer in 1996) gave me one December afternoon in 1986, when I was visiting the Havels in their closely watched apartment overlooking the Vltava River in Prague.

  • r0923 SLAV4

    Slavery Museum: Dismay

    The Wednesday headline reported, "Slavery museum finances faulted." The news did not surprise; still, it dismayed.

  • Guilty: Be consistent

    A Tennessee man has pleaded guilty to threatening Rep. Eric Cantor and his family. Voice mail left at Cantor's Richmond office went into graphic detail. The caller reportedly indulged in anti-Semitic slurs.

  • Poverty Rates: Poor, poor us?

    If your income doubled overnight, would you consider yourself better off? What if your net worth — all your possessions, savings and so on — also doubled overnight? Would you be better off then? Most people would say yes. But Washington would say no — at least not if your neighbors got richer, too.

  • A modest proposal: Let's ban all sports!

    Isn't it about time America banned soccer? Not because of British hooligans or the vuvuzela that has now made it into your local dollar store, although Heaven knows soccer has plenty to answer for on both those scores. No, the question at hand is whether soccer should be banned because of the other costs it imposes on society.

  • Opinion Roundup: You can say that again

    Cogent commentary from around the country and the globe.



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