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Deal of the Day

  • 3:09

    Capitol Squawk: Presidential-size headachesView Video

    With the recent disclosure that GOP presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann suffers from migraines, Squawk looks at the ailments of past Commanders-in-Chief.

  • 1:55

    Capitol Squawk: life's a gasView Video

    Host Jim Nolan talks alternative fuels in the Commonwealth this week.

  • 3:08

    Capitol Squawk: Virginia chills out on climate changeView Video

    State officials say the Commonwealth is too insignificant to have an impact on global warming.

  • 4:11

    Capitol Squawk: Gettin' paid to travelView Video

    Eleven days in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul for $278,000. Bargain or boondoggle?

  • 2:49

    Capitol Squawk: Southern ExposureView Video

    Host Jim Nolan discovers that Congressman Anthony Weiner isn't the only politician who has revealed himself on Twitter....maybe

  • 3:12

    Capitol Squawk: Star Tek editionView Video

    Jobs: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Virginia. Starring Gov. Bob McDonnell as Captain Kirk and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling as Scotty.

  • 2:47

    Capitol Squawk: Separated at Birth?View Video

    With the revelation of Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child, host Jim Nolan sees some Virginia lawmakers bearing striking resemblances to celebrities.

  • 3:58

    Capitol Squawk: Hamilton beachedView Video

    RICHMOND, VA -- Host Jim Nolan explains why former Del. Phil Hamilton was convicted of bribery while other politicians get by on business as usual. Plus Gov. Bob McDonnell's trip to Asia. See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 2:38

    Capitol Squawk: ET, the Extra-Territorial redistrictingView Video

    Plus, Gov. Bob McDonnell and the First Lady fly, but only one has a parachute. And Cuccinelli sticks up for Tech.   See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 3:41

    Capitol Squawk: Gunfight at Cuccinelli CorralView Video

    RICHMOND, Va. -- The Attorney General's opinion on guns in church has critics up in arms. See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 3:00

    Capitol Squawk: Kaine vs. AllenView Video

    RICHMOND, Va. -- Which is more politically damaging, consideration for a killer or racial insensitivity? See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 4:12

    Capitol Squawk: The politics of basketballView Video

    RICHMOND, Va. -- March Madness is a time when elected officials love to have their photos taken with basketball stars. See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 3:06

    Capitol Squawk: McDonnell-landView Video

    Richmond, VA. -- Jim Nolan opines on Thomas Haynesworth and veto of phys ed mandate. See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 3:08

    Capitol Squawk: Kaine for Senate?View Video

    Every time Tim Kaine sneezes, someone says it's a signal he's running for U. S. Senate in 2012. Squawk's host Jim Nolan takes a closer look. See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 4:53

    Capitol Squawk: March MadnessView Video

    Host Jim Nolan shares the Squawk Senate Bracket for the U.S. Senate seat in Virginia. So who's the odds-on favorite in a final game of Tim Kaine versus George Allen? See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 3:34

    Capitol Squawk: seeds of intrigueView Video

    Host Jim Nolan talks gerrymandering: Democrats and Republicans are plotting how to gain the upper hand in Virginia redistricting. See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 3:28

    Capitol Squawk: The Awards ShowView Video

    Richmond, VA -- With the 2011 General Assembly wrapping up, host Jim Nolan hands out the inaugural Squawkie awards. See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 3:24

    Capitol Squawk: Love in the LegislatureView Video

    Richmond, VA -- Host Jim Nolan says that Valentine's Day didn't stop the squabbling at the General Assembly over booze, guns and gay rights.   See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 3:40

    Capitol Squawk: Webb of IntrigueView Video

    RICHMOND, VA -- With Senator Jim Webb not running for re-election, the Democrats' bench of players could use some new recruits.   See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 3:19

    Capitol Squawk: Hey big spendersView Video

    Political writer Jim Nolan says Virginia is the Wild West of freebies and junketeering.   See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 2:34

    Capitol Squawk: GA summaryView Video

    RICHMOND, Va. -- What do Fat Albert and the Village People have to do with the General Assembly? Let Jim Nolan try to explain it. See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.

  • 2:59

    Capitol Squawk: Bills that failedView Video

    In a new video series, Jim Nolan offers an irreverent look at bills that failed in the General Assembly and tracks the attorney general on his Cucc-O-Meter.   See more Capitol Squawk episodes here.


The Skinny on "Capitol Squawk"

Reporter Jim Nolan takes an irreverent look at Virginia politics in Capitol Squawk, a weekly video series by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. New episodes run each Friday.

Ideas? Tips? Squawk off to jnolan (at) or producer Chris Young at cyoung (at)



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