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  • Street Beat: Lights on the Downtown Expressway?

    Q: My husband has noticed that where state Route 288 has been repaved in Chesterfield County, the road surface under the overpasses was left as it was. Is there a reason for this? — Faye H.


  • Street Beat for Nov. 7

    Q: After observing still another accident at the intersection of East Fifth and Broad streets, I know the majority of the accidents are caused by people running red lights that can't be seen.

  • Street Beat: Why are all the lights out at the intersections off of the Downtown Expressway?

    Q: I was recently returning home to Richmond from Radford, listening to the third quarter of the University of Virginia game on the radio. We were on Interstate 64 east near Oilville when suddenly traffic slowed to a crawl and then a stop. We sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic for over 20 minutes before things started to move. We got moving again pretty good when we began to see VDOT orange markers indicating "right lane closed, merge left." But there was no lane closure. No cones. Nothing. Just several signs apparently left by VDOT crews, causing a panic as everyone tried to get into the left lane. What an unnecessary, dangerous mess.

  • No Street Beat

    Street Beat is taking a pit stop. It will return on Oct. 31.

  • Traffic flowing despite snag on I-95 bridge projectView Video

    An unanticipated discovery Saturday caused a delay during bridge replacement work on I-95, but VDOT expects that all lanes will be open by rush hour Monday morning.

  • Street Beat for Oct. 17

    Q: My question concerns the Chesterfield County intersection of state Route 10 and Meadowville Road on one side and Old Bermuda Hundred Road on the other. It is a very wide intersection, with no lane markings. There is a left-turn lane for westbound traffic but none for eastbound.

  • Street Beat for Oct. 10

    Q: There are two major projects under way on Longview Drive between Wallowa Road and Rockfalls Drive. One project involves tearing up of parts of Longview to install storm-water drainage systems. The other is an attempt to repave Longview. Longview has been in need of repaving for a long time, but I'm perplexed by the decision to repave in the midst of the major storm-water project.

  • Street Beat for Oct. 3

    Q: When driving interstates, I sometimes see signs that read "Speed Monitored by Overhead Aircraft" or some such nonsense. I often wonder if a plane will abruptly land on the road in order to stop a speeder, causing major accidents or backups. But I never see a plane hovering above the roads. — Sandy

  • Street Beat: What info is in the bar code on back of Va. driver's license?

    Q: The Virginia driver's license has bar-coded information on the back of the card. There are many retailers who want to scan that information. What information is in the bar code? I have refused to let them do it. — Harry D.

  • Street Beat for Sept. 19

    Q: After driving through Richmond back to the Northern Neck in pouring rain, I was surprised to see how many cars are purchased without headlights, rear lights and turn signals. Perhaps people don't realize that just because their headlights come on when their engine does, they have no lights in the rear. Black cars on black pavements and white or gray cars on concrete roads are almost invisible in the type of downpours we had during the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. Please remind people that when windshield wipers are on, lights need to be also. It is the law. — Liz

  • Street Beat for Sept. 12

    Q: The article in Thursday's Times-Dispatch about the awful bicycle accident quotes someone as saying that bicycles have the right of way in traffic. Is that true? I have always thought that the cyclists have to observe traffic laws like other vehicles. Can they run through red lights, stop signs, turn left in front of people, etc.? — Rebecca

  • Street Beat for Sept. 5

    Q: Please, please, place in your column instructions on how drivers should approach an out-of-service stoplight! I am disgusted by idiots honking at drivers who know to stop at the intersections and treat them as a four-way stop. After a terrific storm such as Irene (Isabel, et al.), I hope for extra common courtesy and especially safe driving — but noooooo! I do understand that if a driver is not familiar with a road and it is dark, the out-of-service stop light may not be seen from a distance, but that is all the more reason to drive with extra caution. — Hoping For Driver Etiquette after the Next Storm

  • Street Beat: No column for Monday, Aug. 29

    Street Beat is taking a pit stop. It will return next week.

  • TRAFFIC UPDATE: Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, other spans reopen

    Gov. Bob McDonnell praised highway officials for their work in reopening bridges and tunnels.

  • Street Beat: Street closings and traffic questions

    Street closings

  • Street Beat for Aug. 15

    Q: When cars are turning from a two lane road to a three lane road, who "owns" the middle lane? Who has the right to turn into the middle lane — the inside or outside car? Thanks! — Debbie J.

  • Street Beat for Aug. 8

    Q: Does anybody know the meaning of the broad white line on the left lane as you approach an intersection? This is the perpendicular line that is ahead of you at the intersection. You are supposed to stop at the line, not at the intersection, so that cross traffic to your right can make a left turn.

  • Street Beat for July 25

    Q: What is the correct distance to signal when intending to turn?  Some drivers do not give the consideration of signaling, yet I see some drivers turn on their signal miles before their intent. Is there a safe distance to show your intention? — Sandy R.

  • Street Beat for July 11

    Q: What is the proper way to turn left going west on Laburnum Avenue to south on Hermitage Road going around the A.P. Hill monument? It is confusing with the three sets of traffic lights and cars coming from all directions. — Joan Z.

  • Street Beat for July 4

    Q: What is the ruling when one driver makes a legal U-turn at an intersection and comes directly toward a second driver who is making a legal right on red at the same intersection? This happened to my husband a few days ago and to me several years ago. In both cases, we were the ones making the right on red when there was no indication a U-turn was about to be made. The driver making the U-turn was so quick she nearly collided with our car. She then proceeded to honk profusely, wave threateningly and speed down the street weaving in and out of traffic! Were we wrong? — CB

  • Street Beat for June 27

    Q: I use state Route 5 every day as I travel from my home in Varina to work in the city. Most of the drive is very pleasant. However, there is one half-mile section that is so rife with problems that I hardly know where to begin.

  • Street Beat for June 20

    Q: My scooter is like the one described in the June 13 Street Beat — classified as a mo-ped. First of all, I am not so foolish as to operate it on roads that are marked for travel over 35 mph. Most of the folks I know who operate scooters are safer drivers than people operating cars. For example, you can't operate a scooter and talk on a mobile phone or text or do the other distracting things that drivers do while driving their vehicles.

  • Street Beat for June 13

    Q: There is a vine growing down from the Forest Hill Avenue bridge over the northbound Powhite Parkway, and every morning as I drive under it, I wonder how long it will take to reach the ground and get caught up in some commuter's windshield wipers or wheels. Perhaps if I drive verrrry slowwwwwly under it with a pair of scissors I could at least cut it shorter. What would you suggest? — "Creeped Out in Chesterfield"

  • Street Beat for May 30

    Q: Regarding the traffic flow at Watkins Centre Parkway on Midlothian Turnpike …

  • No Street Beat for May 23

    Street Beat is taking a pit stop this week. It will return May 30.

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