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Sports: Andy ThompsonSports: Andy Thompson
  • Outdoors: Apps for hunters, anglers

    Most of the outdoors lovers I know aren't what you'd call Black Friday types. They'll gladly set an 3 a.m. alarm for turkey hunting or bass fishing.


  • Outdoors: Encountering a barred owl

    A barred owl stalks the edges of my consciousness. I think about him every time I enter the woods near my house. The yellow hooked beak. The fierce brown eyes. The distinctive call.

  • A guide to fishing the Outer Banks

    Among the topics that recur in my columns, fishing and the Outer Banks are easily in the top five in terms of reader interest. Both invariably draw emails full of opinions, anecdotes, suggestions and the like.

  • Task force recommends merging DGIF and DCR

    Few saw it coming Monday when the "Natural Resources" task force of Gov. Bob McDonnell's government reform commission took aim at the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

  • Enjoy the fall while you can

    They say timing is everything, but that's as true with bad timing as with good.

  • OUTDOORS: Muzzleloader season continues to grow

    In 1973, 24 of the 60,789 deer harvested in Virginia's fall season were taken with muzzleloading rifles.

  • Disabled paddlers get ramp on the James

    There's no section of the falls of the James River that Sally Wetzler won't paddle. Huguenot Flatwater. Pony Pasture. Hollywood and Pipeline rapids. At 59, she's done them all many, many times.

  • Fighting a big battle against a tiny beetle

    "Scourge of the South" is a phrase that's been applied to people (William Tecumseh Sherman), plants (cogon grass, kudzu) and diseases (pellagra), but if you're a Virginian with any acreage planted in pines, chances are it's a little insect that keeps you up nights.

  • James River ecology school nears completion

    Less than a year ago, the James River Association's dream of running an ecology school at the Presquile National Wildlife Refuge on an island in the tidal James still was hundreds of thousands of dollars from reality.

  • Autumn has unique healing powers

    Every year around this time, I pore over musty piles of outdoor-related tomes and pull out the book most treasured in the genre: "My Health is Better in November."

  • Usage fee coming to Wildlife Management Areas

    If you're a hunter, especially in the central and eastern portions of Virginia, you know how hard it can be to find quality land on which to hunt.

  • Usage fee coming to Wildlife Management Areas

    If you’re a hunter, especially in the central and eastern portions of Virginia, you know how hard it can be to find quality land on which to hunt.

  • A view from the top of Mount Tamalpais

    This might be the single most awe-inspiring view my eyes have ever taken in.

  • Special athletes find, meet mental challenges

    They walk among us, have kids, hold jobs. We pass them at the coffee shop, the grocery store. They breathe the same air.

  • National Wildlife Refuge Week: An occasion worth celebrating

    I'm not usually impressed by days, weeks or months commemorating things, people, or groups. Most are downright silly and unnecessary. As declared by the National Museum of Health and Medicine, April 24 is National Hairball Awareness Day. Um, okay.

  • Best places to see fall foliage

    We're closing in on that time of year when dedicated leaf peepers from all over the state hit Virginia's byways for fall foliage tours. Many head toward the mountains, and for good reason.

  • Learning things every outdoorsman should know

    It turns out there is a quick and easy way to skin a squirrel.

  • Catching up with elk reintroduction and menhaden

    Columns on a giant mammal and a small fish generated significant interest the past year or so. Both subjects are worth updating.

  • Will Armstrong compete in Richmond race?

    I suspect I wasn't the only Richmond-area triathlete or triathlon junkie glued to the XTERRA Facebook page on Saturday around midday.

  • Project could lead to 'Complete Streets' in Richmond

    In April of this year, Jakob Helmboldt, then a transportation planner for a consulting company, wrote a guest column for a newspaper. In it, he presented an approach to transportation called "Complete Streets."

  • With a rainy day at Corolla comes an invitation to explore

    I love rainy days at the beach. Not a lot of them, mind you, just one or two in a week. I know this is heresy for the sun worshippers who can lounge all day in the sand with nothing but a cold beverage and a tube of Banana Boat.

  • A new view of the Outer Banks

    Here, 160 feet in the air, personal, cultural and natural history collide.

  • Virginia's wilderness paid him by the mile

    A couple of years back, beyond 50 and not getting any younger, Russ Starke took stock of his ambitions as an outdoorsman.

  • Outdoors: Declining deer numbers can have upside

    "A number of leading indicators suggest whitetail numbers are heading toward a game-changing decline. Is it a correction? Or is it a crash?"

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