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  • Dining Out: Pricey food makes high expectations

    Imagine if your friend invited you over to her gorgeously decorated home for an intimate dinner party, one in which every morsel is served on brightly colored china and each plate is personally prepared and served with care.


  • Tasty, creative dishes at Hanami Sushi

    Of all the types of restaurants out there, I've found the saying "Never judge a book by its cover" most fitting when it comes to sushi restaurants.

  • Dining Out Review: The Local Eatery & Pub

    It's a cool spot with a menu that has potential. If it can keep a good balance between dinner spot and drinking hole, it could have a long future ahead.

  • Dining Out Review: Margaritas Cantina

    Margaritas Cantina is a fun place if you want to munch on appetizers and drown yourself in Dos Equis. If you want to eat, the walk elsewhere isn't that far.

  • Dining Out Review: Mansion five26

    On its own, Mansion five26 is a lovely spot for an upscale meal without the upscale pretense or prices.

  • Dining Out Review: The Halligan Bar & Grill

    I'm relieved to report that Halligan has made the transition to bigger, suburban digs with only minimal effect to its character.

  • Dining Out Review: Pasture

    Over the years, I've noticed a trend when a new restaurant opens. Opinions run the gamut from melodramatic enthusiasm to strangely vicious contempt.

  • Dining Out Review: HogsHead Cafe

    With finger-licking, homemade fare, HogsHead Café better start looking for bigger digs, because I'm not gonna stop raving about that deep-fried hot dog.

  • Dining Out Review: Portico

    Despite the tight quarters, our server arrived quickly with bread and an insanely wonderful homemade spread. Note to chef Randazzo: Please bottle this and sell it.

  • Best new restaurants of 2011: Your meal ticketsView Video

    You've probably already had your fill of "Top Ten" lists this year, and we still have two full days left for more recaps.

  • Dining Out: OMG Cafe

    My mouth was so full it came out more like "oohmaigawf," but yes, I did "OMG" all over my dinner at Church Hill's OMG Café & Lounge.

  • Dining Out Review: Hard Shell

    When it comes to classic seafood preparations, Shockoe Slip's The Hard Shell has long been considered one of Richmond's best seafood restaurants.

  • Dining Out Review: La Parisienne Bistro & Café

    La Parisienne is already a huge hit with downtown lunchgoers. Now with a dinner service I need to talk to my bosses about relocating our office.

  • Dining Out Review: Station 2

    With reasonable prices, good vibes and a fun menu, Station 2 is on its way to becoming a casual, neighborhood staple.

  • Dining Out Review: Ironfish by Pescados

    Ironfish is a quality operation — an unpretentious spot with casually friendly staff, inspired specials and warm décor.

  • Dining Out Review: Selba

    I can deal with the occasional uninterested server and even a cacophonous atmosphere, as long as the food knocks my socks off. Unfortunately, Selba's menu is merely average.

  • Dining Out Review: Citizen

    When I heard Greg Johnson decided to open a breakfast and lunch joint in one of the hardest-to-find basements downtown, my first thought was, "What is he thinking?"

  • Dining Out: Restaurants for a visiting movie star or Uncle Joe from Des Moines

    That's right, the cast and crew of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln biopic are in town shooting, and Richmond can't get enough of this major brush with fame.

  • Dining Out Review: The Roosevelt

    Somehow, Kendra Feather, owner of Ipanema Café and Garnett's Café, and chef Lee Gregory, former chef at Six Burner, have managed to twist our ingrained notions of old and new with their new Church Hill venture, The Roosevelt.

  • Dining Out Review: Stella'sView Video

    I'm still a little dumbstruck that Stella's is actually back. So, when, not if, you're sitting near the window, please ignore the crazy woman licking the glass. I'm harmless.

  • Dining Out Review: M Bistro & Wine Bar

    I've already been impressed by its previous selections, I know it fits my tastes perfectly, and positive user reviews have only strengthened my faith in undoubtedly loving the end product.

  • Dining Out Review: Sapori Ristorante ItalianoView Video

    Although Sapori is owned by a mom 'n' pop, Angela and Giuseppe Amato of Carini, Italy any comparisons to your typical spaghetti-and-meatball spot stop there.

  • Dining Out Review: The Blue GoatView Video

    Do I think The Blue Goat is revolutionary? Not in the global sense, but for Richmond, most definitely.

  • Dining Out Review: Mariachis Mexican Grill

    Is Richmond ready to forgo its Mexican restaurants' lightning-fast service and combination dinners in exchange for surf 'n' turf and an extensive wine list?

  • Hermitage Grill rises like a fabled phoenix

    I don't encourage any restaurant to sustain significant fire damage in order to get back on my radar, but in the case of The Hermitage Grill, it worked.

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