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  • State Government: Budgetopylae

    Gov. Bob McDonnell's budget comes in at $85 billion for the next biennium. That's $7 billion more than the last biennium's budget.

  • Richmond Fed: Making sense

    Jeffrey Lacker continues to make sense. The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond says the nation does not need another stimulus scheme.

  • Hinkle: On Christmas, escaping the well-lit prison

    The Hinkle household is a blended one, which is to say that half the management is male and the other is female. This usually works out fine until around Christmas, when certain politically incorrect gender stereotypes exert themselves.

  • Liberty's Hero: Velvet Czech

    The combination seems unlikely. Vaclav Havel wrote absurdist plays and led his nation from captivity into freedom.

  • Nobel Prize: Unsettling

    "Everybody who knew anything about crystallography or materials knew it was impossible, and they had known that for 100 years."

  • Hotel John Marshall: Welcome return

    The Hotel John Marshall occupies a beloved place in Richmond legend and lore. During its prime the hotel symbolized power.

  • Uranium Mining: Make haste slowly

    The long-awaited report on uranium mining by the National Academy of Sciences is long and technical.

  • North Korea: Worst man

    North Korea fits the pattern. Almost no one outside the country knew the circumstances of Kim Jong II's death.

  • Phone Call: Presidential

    Hillary Clinton framed the ultimate issue during the 2008 presidential primaries. She asked voters whom they would trust if the White House phone rang at 3 o'clock in the morning.

  • Euro Zoned: Portent or Anecdote?

    The euro zone has fallen under siege. Its collapse could swamp the U.S. as well as the continent.

  • Homeless: With dignity

    The homeless may be invisible to many during life; they ought not to disappear at death.

  • Hinkle: Would you buy an electric car from this man?

    If Tolkien was right that the burned hand teaches best, then a question arises: Will President Obama ever learn?

  • Adoption: Rights and wrongs

    The state's Board of Social Services has approved a mishmash of new adoption rules that have drawn threats of litigation.

  • Bashing Islam: Unreasonably mean

    Private citizens have the right to boycott any business for any reason, good or bad. And the reason a Christian group chose to threaten a boycott of Lowe's is bad indeed.

  • Various Issues: Here we goView Video

    On Thursday, George Mason University introduced Angel Cabrera as its new president.

  • Iraq: Taps

    Combat troops are departing Iraq, but the U.S. will remain intimately involved in the country it invaded in 2003. A verdict regarding the operation has not been delivered.

  • Postal Service: Maddening

    The U.S. Postal Service is not going broke because of stupid inefficiency. But stupid inefficiency certainly isn't helping.

  • Mayor, Council: Good feelings

    Mayor Dwight Jones opened his term well. He and Richmond's City Council seemed eager to transcend the acrimony of the preceding years.

  • Wrap-Up: Week's End

    The General Assembly's 2012 session looms. The Times-Dispatch Editorial Board has commissioned a series of pieces from various players active in the legislature's deliberations.

  • French Presidency: Betrayal

    Jacques Chirac came from central casting. Always impeccably dressed, he projected the elegance a director would expect from the president of France. Although not an intellectual, he projected intelligence. Chirac occasionally sneered at lesser countries, and that, too, suited the role. He once asked how anyone could trust the British, a people who supposedly cook dreadful food.

  • State Pay: Fair deals

    A Times-Dispatch survey of the payroll suggests Virginia's public workforce is not overpaid. Indeed, many state workers deserve more.

  • Political Genre: Confidence men

    Here we go again. Yet another writer purports to give readers an inside look at the White House.

  • Think Back: Worst of times?

    Are these the worst of times?

  • Protests: Russian spring

    Observers call Russia's protests the most impressive since the implosion of the Soviet Union.

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