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  • Peirce: Outdoor holiday markets spread across America

    Aheartening sign of Christmas 2011: Holiday festival markets are emerging and flourishing in and near central city squares across America, smartly following the model of the great Christmas markets of Germany and other European lands.

  • Silvestri: Our readers are our gift

    Thanks to novelist Charles Dickens, we package the past, present and future with Christmas.

  • Your 2 Cents

    A recent news story said that the salaries of public administrators are modest. The first salary I saw under that headline was more than $300,000. The next day another news story said a VRS employee was making more than $700,000. Apparently you and I have a modestly different definition of modest.

  • At the crossroads of Christianity and journalism

    Todd Culbertson, editor of the Editorial Pages, delivered the following at Christ Episcopal Church in Glen Allen.

  • The real 'God particle' already exists

    Recently the world learned that scientists at the European research institute CERN have found evidence confirming they are very close to hunting down the elusive Higgs boson particle — a particle that is believed to be responsible for giving other particles their mass. And because scientists believe this previously unidentified particle may be one of the universe's most crucial building blocks, it has been nicknamed "the God particle."

  • Gardens, parks museums enrich lives

    Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden recognized nationally for its outreach program.

  • Morocco's quiet reforms lead Arab

    Something is happening in the Middle East. Countries where change was believed impossible and reform unfathomable just a few months ago are now boiling and burning.

  • Outstanding public servants earn recognition

    This year's Excellence in Virginia Government Awards, organized by the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University, was once again a fitting celebration of what separates good governance from unfortunate performances that merit big headlines and black eyes.

  • Your 2 Cents

    I'm amazed at the number of clean, concise and brilliant solutions submitted to this newspaper by ordinary citizens regarding our country's complex problems. So why can't Congress and the White House get it together?

  • Building a smaller, smarter state government

    Virginia is the beneficiary of generations of responsible stewardship and constant improvements. We are truly the envy of the nation.

  • View from South Asia, 2016

    Looking back at Afghanistan and Pakistan – five years from now.

  • Free the weed, Mr. President!

    There's one issue, though, that might reignite youthful enthusiasm. That issue is marijuana — partly its medical use, but especially Americans' right to recreational use free of potential arrest and possible prison time.

  • Aircraft carrier fleet is in danger

    Rep. Rob Wittman writes about the risk America faces if the Navy's aircraft carrier fleet does not receive the funding it needs.

  • Fat, old white men ruin big-league sports

    Professional sports has been cheapened and made to travel the low-road by a collection of -- for the most part -- fat, short, old white men who never played or excelled at a sport in their entire lives.

  • Local competition goes global

    Contest by World Affairs Council of Richmond prepares region's high school students for international future.

  • State forces local taxes higher

    In order to balance the budget and not raise taxes, legislators have resorted to gimmicks such as underfunding the Virginia Retirement System, or reducing statutory payments for law enforcement departments, or merely shifting the funding of state-mandated programs to localities. These actions have inevitably caused local taxes to increase.

  • Hope edges melancholy on Holton stage

    How are we to respond when children sing: "You know how the time flies/Only yesterday was the time of our lives"?

  • Academic WorldQuest contestants

    A list of students, coaches and judges who participated in the competition sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Richmond.

  • Obama administration saps Virginia's energy

    Virginia cannot unilaterally move forward on the path to energy development. Time and again, the federal government, has sacrificed sound energy policy upon the altar of political expediency.

  • Congress must stop crippling military cuts

    If nothing is done, the Pentagon will face a 10 percent cut in its $550 billion budget in 2013.

  • Building upgrades save energy, tax dollars

    Performance contracting can leverage improved energy efficiency at schools, other public buildings.

  • Time for GM to buy out Uncle Sam

    Back in the black with the help of a $50 billion federal infusion, General Motors is safely on the road to a bright corporate future.

  • Your 2 Cents

    We can bail out banks and lose billions promoting failed "green" energy companies, but we can't subsidize the U.S. Postal Service, which for all its problems affects many people's lives that depend on timely mail delivery. Makes you wonder what the real priorities are in D.C.!

  • Voter ID laws recall Jim Crow

    Is the Justice Department poised for a counterattack on the sweeping wave of photo-identification and related voter-restriction laws that newly Republican-controlled state legislatures have been grinding out this year?

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