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Maria Howard | FitnessMaria Howard | Fitness
  • FITNESS: You can get fit after 50

    Bob Bruton does missionary work in former communist countries, where his main role is building people up and convincing them they can be successful. Ironically, he does the same thing at the gym here at home.


  • FITNESS: Hikes don't have to be on tough terrain

    This holiday season, I urge you to take a hike.

  • Fitness: 10 ways to ward off holiday weight gain

    This week marks the official start of the holiday season. The problem is, the larger-than-normal portions and yummier-than-normal offerings won't go away after Thursday. They'll continue right on through Jan. 1.

  • Runners love water stop on Grove Avenue

    The Grove Avenue Water Stop has taken on a life of its own.

  • Find something you enjoy doing to get fit

    Fitness doesn't have to be complicated. Just pretend you're a kid again.

  • Goruck Challenge comes to Richmond

    So you think you're fit, huh? Let's see if you're up for the challenge — the Goruck Challenge.

  • Kettlebell training doesn't have to be a killer workout

    Practice; don't work out. That's the recommendation of Cabell Jones, owner of Richmond Kettlebell Club.

  • Fitness: Exercise to optimize brain function

    It's a proven fact that exercise enhances brain power. So make sure you and your children get plenty of it every day.

  • Fitness: TRX system showing up at area gymsView Video

    Have you seen some long straps with handles hanging in your gym? That's the TRX system. And if your gym doesn't have it yet, it's probably coming soon.

  • Water in Motion provides brisk, up-tempo workout

    Les Mills has taken the plunge. The result is Water in Motion, a nationally choreographed pool aerobics class that sinks the notion of water classes being slow and geriatric.

  • FITNESS: How to find the right trainer for you

    Bev Todd knows what you should look for in a personal trainer. At 61, she has dedicated her entire career to teaching exercise. For the past 14 years, she has owned a personal training business, B.E. Fit Inc., in western Henrico County.

  • Weight-loss journey turns Mechanicsville woman into a runner

    Intense exercise is not always an option for those struggling with weight problems. Sometimes you have to shed a few pounds before you can even think about pounding the pavement with a long run.

  • Fitness: Body Back class focuses on moms

    Having a baby is an amazing experience. But the impact on your body — the stretching and weight gain that goes along with pregnancy — can be disastrous.

  • Fitness: RVA Hoop House makes hula hooping a community event

    It's not often you can take a physical activity you enjoy and turn it into a community outreach program.

  • Breathe for health, Denise Austin says

    Denise Austin's new buzz word is energy.

  • Fitness: Gymnast's career takes another twist

    Lisa Cain has bounced around a lot in her career - literally. She was a world-class gymnast who became a Hollywood stuntwoman.

  • Ageless Grace is a workout for the mind and musclesView Video

    When we think about chair exercises, we tend to think seniors, slow movements and low intensity. That’s not the case with Ageless Grace.

  • Feldenkrais positions help body and brain to allow more mobility

    Mary Frances Hobbs had hip-replacement surgery in 1998. She started taking Feldenkrais Method lessons a year later.

  • Wellness: Caring for aging relatives

    With our population aging, many of us will be caring for an elderly relative and will probably feel unprepared, overwhelmed and stressed in making the decision to take on the caregiver role.

  • 'Chickboxing' offers way to work outside the box

    Patti Hornstra had tried all kinds of exercises classes and regimens. She did step, she checked out floor aerobics, she tried running. Then she discovered “chickboxing.”

  • "Come as you are gym" skips frills

    The new Gold's Gym Express in Mechanicsville, the only Gold's of its kind in the country, is designed to feel more like an outdoor park by the beach than a gym in a strip shopping center.

  • Take advantage of spring to move your workout outside

    While this winter's snow and cold kept many of you inside for your workouts, springtime calls for a change of venue. There are plenty of reasons to get outside for exercise. Probably the most obvious is motivation. Who can resist the lure of blooming flowers and gentle breezes (as long as your allergies can tolerate the pollen)? Even if it's a nasty, rainy day, there's something exhilarating about spending time outdoors.

  • Take-charge attitude led to weight loss, new business

    Ever since Brooke Page was a teenager, she had been in a constant struggle to control her weight. Not anymore. Page has found a balance, thanks to a strict exercise regimen and a take-charge attitude, that allows her to control her weight without fail. Her story was featured on "The Dr. Oz Show" recently, as she was chosen as one of his Healthy Housewives to track during a 90-day challenge, a period in which she lost more than 20 pounds.

  • Septuagenarian logs her 1,000th workout

    Dee Buchanan has a work ethic that won't stop. Now that she's retired, it applies to her exercise regimen. Last month, Curves of Goochland honored Buchanan for logging her 1,000th workout. "She's our only member who's reached 1,000," said Tricia Dalton, owner of the local circuit-training center for women. Buchanan has been a member since July 2007.

  • Fitness column: Walking can be a way to explore new places

    With this winter's piles of snow behind us (we hope), it's time to get outside for a walk. Springtime provides the perfect temperatures for long walks. But if you need more than a thermometer for motivation, consider walking somewhere other than your own neighborhood.

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