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  • What's It Worth

    Q: I have four chairs that we have always called ice cream chairs. They were once used at the Philip Morris factory cafeteria. They were given to employees after the seats wore out and my husband brought them home and replaced the seats. I plan to put them in a yard sale and wonder what they're worth. — F.F.

  • Choose bamboo carefully to avoid spreaders

    Gardeners are often bamboozled by bamboo, particularly the running kinds that are notorious spreaders.

  • Home and Garden event calendar

    Bulletin Board

  • Right at Home: Solar lighting for the garden

    Few things are prettier in a night garden than soft pools of light illuminating interesting trees, accent rocks and plants, or pathways.

  • Beach decor with a difference

    If you've ever carted home some unfortunate monstrosity from a beach vacation and rued it, take heart.

  • Keeping you safe

    Internet sites for helpful info

  • Real Estate Mailbag: Steps to take to get your home warranty

    Q: I recently purchased a 5-year-old house, and when I signed the residential purchase agreement, there was a provision for the seller (a bank) to provide a one-year home-warranty plan, for a price not to exceed $350. Since the close of escrow (also called settlement or closing in many states) and officially turning over the keys, I have not received the warranty.

  • Orchids: Time and patience required to grow baby orchid to maturity

    Q: I am a native of Costa Rica, and when I moved to the United States seven years ago, I brought a test-tube baby of our national flower, Cattleya skinneri. Since then, I have nursed the plant along, and the pseudo-bulbs are now 3 inches tall. I have been fearful to put it outside where the deer might eat it, so I keep it in my sunroom. Will this plant ever bloom? — Denise

  • What's It Worth: Plymouth rocking chair

    Q: Please tell me anything you can about my Plymouth rocking chair. It is in wonderful condition, put together with old-fashioned [nuts] and bolts. It has the original decal under the seat and has been refinished. I paid $200 for the chair but love it and believe that it is vintage, maybe antique. I cannot find any information about the maker on the Internet. — M.M.

  • Transforming a drab back yard into an inviting green space

    Our backyard remodel had a June 1 deadline because it would be the centerpiece of an anniversary party we were throwing for my parents.

  • Buttoned Up

    As we ushered in the month of June, Alicia and I thought it was the perfect time to check in with each other about just how we were doing on our New Year's resolutions.

  • Ask Martha: Fixing a delectable picnic lunch

    A horseback ride through majestic scenery in Maine calls for a delectable lunch that's as beautiful as the setting.

  • Real Estate Mailbag

    Q: I am retired and helping my son buy his first home. My credit is good, but his is not, so the mortgage is in my name. We found a fixer-upper for $80,000. I put $40,000 down and financed $40,000 for 10 years at 3.75 percent, and paid one and a half points. My son will live in the house and make the payments of $500 per month.

  • Bulletin Board: Home and Garden calendar

    Bulletin Board

  • Garden Q&A: mulch fungus and pruning nandinas

    Q: We have ugly, yellow, foamy blobs of fungus that continually pop up in various areas of our freshly spread hardwood mulch. It doesn't seem to be in our neighbors' mulch beds. This is at least the third season we've seen it. Can we get rid of it, and can we prevent it from coming back?

  • On the Home Front: Think before you cut

    Tips, new products, etc.

  • Parents watch 'abandonded' fledglings

    Each spring, our backyards slowly become nurseries as nesting birds busily tend their hatchlings. Baby birds become more demanding and noisier as they expect more frequent feeding. Parents dutifully canvass neighborhoods to bring berries, seeds and insects back to their chicks.

  • Little things make a difference

    Modest changes can "green" up your home+

  • Ask Martha: Keeping pets safe in summer

    Ask Martha: Keeping pets safe in summer

  • Home and Garden event calendar

    Bulletin Board

  • Burnt-out home goes from ashes to awesome

    Living wall, backyard rain garden and other green features give new life to burnt-out home

  • What's it worth?

    Q: I would like to learn anything I can about my antique barrel-top desk that was purchased in the 1960s in San Antonio. There are no labels or marks. It stands about 51 inches tall by 33 inches wide. The original wheels are wood. It appears there was a gallery on top, but now only the finials remain. Please tell me its age, who the maker is, where it was made and its value. — W.H.

  • The greening of 1417 Grove

    Features designed by Watershed Architects

  • Buttoned Up for Saturday, June 18

    Have you ever had to interact with someone who hands out tasks reluctantly, and even then fails to let go? If you have, just thinking about your experience probably makes your blood pressure go up a few points. Micromanagement is a particularly destructive style of management; it's as bad in bosses as it is in parents. While at first it conveys to everyone that you are on top of everything, in the long run, it always leads to frustration, discouragement and burnout.

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