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  • Ask Martha: Making a corn husk wreath

    Humble corn husks take a decorative turn when dyed a rich burgundy shade and looped around a wreath frame. The resulting display makes a radiant Thanksgiving welcome.


  • Eco-friendly holiday decorating

    Wonder why our dedication to eco-friendly products wanes during the holidays? You don't have to look far to see artificial wreaths, mass-produced plastic bows, inflatable lawn decorations and energy-sapping lights, all of which demonstrate eco-indifference.

  • What's It Worth: Japanese made vases, kerosene lamps

    Q: My vase is marked "Made in Japan" (along with some Japanese characters). It belongs to my mother, who inherited it from my grandfather. It is decorated with several hand-painted landscapes, each in a separate panel. It is in good condition. What can you tell me about it, and does it have any value? — T.C.

  • Ikebana flower arranging demonstrationView Video

    Reiko Kawamura of California, a grand master in the Ohara School of Ikebana, demonstrated the Japanese style of flower arranging Nov. 3 at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

  • Home and Garden event calendar

    America Recycles Day: Electronics recycling collection and document shredding event takes place from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday at Retail Merchants Association headquarters ...

  • Buttoned Up: Business expense reports made easy

    Most companies these days put the onus on employees to pay for business-related expenses upfront and then submit an expense report for reimbursement. The system ensures that companies are never stuck having to pay for inappropriate or unauthorized expenses.

  • Ask Martha: holiday tables, navigating fitted sheets

    Q: I'm hosting my first Thanksgiving. How do I create a festive look for my table when all I have is basic white china?

  • Presidential orchid collection donated to U.S. Botanic Garden

    Chadwick & Son Orchids Inc. of Powhatan County has donated 27 specimens of its renowned first lady orchids, now known as the Presidential Collection, for permanent display at the U.S. Botanic Garden.

  • What's It Worth for Nov. 6

    Q: I have about 150 plastic model kits that belong to a World War II veteran. He asked me to sell them and give the money to veterans [organizations]. He bought the models hoping to build them with his kids and never got around to it. Most of the boxes are unopened and wrapped in plastic with price tags. What are they worth and where do I go to sell them? — K.Y.

  • Daylight saving time ends

    Set your clocks back an hour; change your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries

  • Buttoned Up: Business expense reports made easy

    This time of year, many of us start to feel the crush of impending holiday chaos. Wouldn't it be nice to have a guide to keep you one step ahead of your holiday to-dos? We've created a week-by-week plan to get you through December without losing it.

  • Home and Garden event calendar

    Garden Seminars: Chesterfield County Office of Cooperative Extension offers seminars on gardening topics, all beginning at 6:30 p.m. at county libraries ...

  • Orchids: Growing phalaenopsis vs. dendrobiums

    Q: I sometimes see dendrobiums for sale and marvel at their beauty, but wonder if I can grow them in my house. So far, I've had good luck with phalaenopsis. — Ashby S.

  • Extreme weather makes portable generators a hit

    Alex Iwashyna didn't realize how many of her neighbors in Richmond had backup generators until her own family bought one in the dark days after Hurricane Irene. As she endured the drone of a combustion engine in her backyard, she noticed the same steady noise from neighbors' homes.

  • What's It Worth: candleholder and English fish set

    Q: I inherited my grandmother's set of knives and forks for serving fish. They are in a wood box lined with dark-blue velvet. The handles appear to be ivory with sterling blades and forks. They are engraved, the knife blades showing fish. I cannot find any dates; there is stamped gold printing on the velvet, but I can't read it. Can you help me with its history and value? — D.T.

  • Home and Garden event calendar

    Bulletin Board

  • The best of the little bulbs

    This is the time to plant bulbs, but don't overlook the little guys. Crocuses, snowdrops, dwarf irises and others are only a few inches tall, but arriving at the end of winter, they can make a big impact. Many of these appear before the tulips and daffodils think about showing their colors, and they are all the more treasured for it.

  • Lewis Ginter provides a feast for stomachs as well as eyes

    Away from eye-catching displays of pansies and ornamental grasses, rows of broccoli and cauliflower are being grown at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in an initiative that provides fresh produce to charities that feed the hungry.

  • Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden gets top honor

    National award recognizes garden, water management initiatives

  • Winterizing containers can extend lives of plants

    Perennials and containers make a great gardening combination, but they will quickly go to pot if overlooked in the winter.

  • Home and Garden event calendar

    Bulletin Board: Calendar of events relating to homes and gardens.

  • Ask Martha: Preserving fall leaves, the safety of lead crystal

    Q: Is there a way to preserve fall leaves for crafts projects?

  • Work now for spring color

    Have you gotten your yard ready for next spring? Here are five things you need to do to ensure that when those first warm days return, your yard will be filled with color.

  • Fairy gardens spark creativity in kids, adults too

    Fairy gardens — hidden beneath stout trees at botanical gardens or displayed on tabletops at garden centers and in homes — are captivating the imaginations of children and adults, providing an escape into a tiny world.

  • Planning a house tour?

    If your group or organization is planning a holiday house tour, we'd like to know about it.

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