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Deal of the Day

  • Fashion Matters: Make your compliments genuine

    How many times have you walked up to a friend, given her a hug and told her she looks fabulous?

  • Fashion Matters: When to wait on holiday sales

    If you thought that after Black Friday was over the sales would slow down, you would be seriously mistaken. The holiday sales this year are better than ever.

  • Fashion Matters: The gift card quitter

    Does giving a gift card in lieu of actual shopping make you a Christmas quitter? My answer: Absolutely!

  • Listen to your own voice when shopping for clothes

    I think it's time we cover one of the most unspoken and potentially awkward relationships when it comes to shopping: the salesperson-shopper dynamic.

  • Fashion Matters: Your holiday collection

    Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we're officially in the holiday season. With that comes the pressure of having a top-notch wardrobe for holiday get-togethers, special dinners and work parties.

  • No excuses! You can change your look

    Are you ready to have an honest conversation about complacency? I'm talking about living with the same look, day after day, year after year.

  • Leather and sequins make great accents

    How many of you can remember those long black leather trench coats that went to the floor?

  • The battle of style between mother and daughter

    A reader recently asked how she could remain stylish without having to dress like her daughter.

  • Choose pieces that will serve in, out of work

    When talking about appropriate work attire, one key question is how to incorporate your personality into your wardrobe while remaining work-appropriate.

  • Fashion Matters: Don't overlook eyewear

    While wardrobe is huge when it comes to style, one area that certainly must not be overlooked is eyewear.

  • Fashion: The style drive-through

    There are some things in life that are easy and straightforward. No real guesswork involved.

  • Fashion Matters: The pressure points of style

    Pressure points are areas of the body that produce pain or other effects when manipulated in a specific manner. They are also defined as areas where problems or difficulties are likely to occur.

  • The balancing act with jewelry

    I recently attended the opening of Tiffany & Co. at Stony Point Fashion Park. With fabulous jewelry as far as the eye could see, the event turned out to be a true petri dish of style.

  • Fashion Matters: A conversation about comfort

    There is a style crisis going on, and the style choices women are making in the name of comfort are reaching new heights.

  • The fab five colors for fall

    Every fall there are dominant colors that stand out as the "go-to" colors of the season. And every year, publications tell you to build your wardrobe based on those colors.

  • FASHION MATTERS: Venturing into the world of men's styles

    Men's style done right can be pure art. Perfectly tailored, crisp navy suits with striped collared shirts paired with beautiful silk ties are truly impressive.

  • Fashion Matters: Strategies of a frugal shopper

    In this economy, with gas in the $3.50-a-gallon range and the cost of food on the rise, frugality is alive and well in the style department. And why shouldn't it be? You can't live on patent leather pumps and Italian cashmere.

  • Fashion Matters: Appropriate work attire

    Getting dressed for work has never been more controversial. With the number of women in the workplace having more than tripled in the past 50 years, the question of what women wear to work is a hot topic.

  • Imitation can be flattering, but make style your own

    It seems as if every magazine, talk show and website is dedicated to running at least one story on how to get the look of Kate Middleton or Michelle Obama.

  • Fashion: The pre-fall fix

    Checking the weather and seeing 90- to 100-degree temperatures does not inspire feelings of fall. But believe me, fall is coming.

  • Fashion Matters: Take risks in pairing fashionable pieces

    I recently received a question from a reader wanting to know the style policy on matching your bag and shoes.

  • Fashion Matters: The painted face

    As teenage girls, we couldn't wait to get our hands on our mother's makeup. Going to the store to pick out and purchase our own makeup was exciting and liberating.

  • Fashion: Learning the secrets of online shopping

    As I click through all my open browser windows, I see one discount after another. And if it's not a discount, the price for the piece in question is so ridiculous I ask myself how it can possibly be passed up.

  • Fashion Matters: Full price is out of style

    Did you seriously pay full price for that look? I'm wishing on a star and living on a prayer that in 2011 shoppers realize that paying full price should be a rare experience and driven solely by the pure-fab factor of the piece in question.

  • Fashion Matters: Age is more than just a number

    I recently received a question by email from a woman who had just turned 50 and wanted to know where to begin and what to do with her style. What are the "new basics," she asked.


About Fashion Matters

Lauren Deloach

Lauren Deloach, owner of D&R Style Consulting and Category5, has been helping women find their perfect style self for 10 years. Email her at



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