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Ask the PropellerHeads: What are some awesome gift suggestions?

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Q: Gift-giving season will be here before we know it. What are some of the awesome items that have made it to your annual PropellerHeads wish list for 2011?

A: First up is the Vizio 65-inch 3D HDTV.

For about $2,500 from retailers such as including Costco, the Vizio 3D HDTV is a gift your entire family will enjoy.

It brings the cinema experience to your home, and has Internet applications to enhance your viewing options. Additionally, this set comes with four pairs of polarized 3D glasses. This purchase might use your entire holiday budget, but it promises years of enjoyment. And who's going to miss that pair of socks anyway?

Next is the Kindle Fire. This might be a bit difficult to come by during the holiday season, as it's sure to be popular.

While most have heard of the original Kindle, the Kindle Fire, released last week , is not only a full-color e-reader, but also a tablet PC that lets you surf the Web, watch TV and movies, play games, and read books and magazines. At about $200, it's destined to be a favorite.

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall at some silly meeting? Wouldn't it be fun to capture that silliness for future reference or to use as insurance the next time you need it?

Take a look at The High Definition Video Pen from Hammacher Schlemmer ( It's a ballpoint pen with a pocket clip that can store up to five hours of video at 1280 by 760 on its integrated 8GB internal memory.

Its rechargeable battery lasts only two hours, so make sure the fun folks are in the meeting before you push the record button. The pen sells for about $150 and is guaranteed to thrill any geek on your list.

Also from Hammacher Schlemmer is The Room Filling Travel Speaker. How often have you wanted to hear a song that your friend was bopping to on his MP3 player and he wouldn't share an ear-bud so you could hear?

This device will remedy that. It is a tiny external speaker, only 2¼ inches high with a 2-inch diameter, that will fit almost anywhere and will fill the room with sound.

The speaker resonates like a full-range stereo speaker when placed on a hard surface.

It comes with a USB cord for recharging and a 1/8-inch stereo plug for your MP3 player. It can accommodate a microSD memory card to play music independent of an MP3 player. This great gift is available for $70 and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

For your nerdy kid (or your nerd who's a kid at heart), the Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark is available from Amazon. This nifty item is a great gift for $40.

This is just what its name implies, an air swimming/flying shark. The shark body is an inflatable (repeatedly with helium) balloon. It is flown via an infrared remote control and has a 40-foot range. The shark responds to your cues to move up or down, left or right, using its tailfin to direct its flight.

Enjoy the holiday season, and don't stress. I've just written your gift list for you. Happy shopping!

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